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International Shipping in Lebanon, OR

Fast & Reliable Package Delivery Around the Globe

Shipping a collectible to your aunt in Los Angeles is pretty easy. Sending a piece of jewelry to a friend in in France is a different story.

International shipping is much more complicated than shipping domestically because each country applies different laws and rules regarding commodities entering their country. What’s interesting is that an item might be shipped without issue to Mexico, but the very same item will be prohibited to ship to Mexico.

Then there are the import taxes, international duties, brokerage fees and other additional costs that could be assessed on your shipment. And if you forget to complete and include the specialized international document requirements, your shipment may never arrive.

No worries! The international shipping experts at Postal Connections 246 know exactly how to pack, document and ship your items to arrive safely and on time to just about anywhere in the world.

As International Shipping Professionals, we provide the following:

  • Shipping to more than 200 countries on seven continents
  • Multi-carrier shipping options
  • International packing service
  • International documentation including commercial invoice, pro forma invoice, E. E. I. forms and automated airway bills

International shipping at Postal Connections 246 in Lebanon, OR simplifies your life.

Questions about shipping internationally?

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